Help us protect the environment.

We want to help protect the environment by reducing the use of plastic and using recycled and recyclable packaging.


In the same way that we are close to workers, we are also close to our planet and aware that it is our responsibility to protect it, regardless of the activities or work we do. Protecting the environment is a global responsibility.


Recycle, reuse and sustain.
There are three imperatives of the company's environmental sustainability policy, which in recent years has focused on packaging materials and product presentation. ISSALINE products have been pioneers in the use of cardboard packaging, so the company understands and addresses the need to work in a more environmentally responsible way, recycling, reusing and reducing the waste of materials in order to improve our environmental footprint.


We are firmly committed to reducing the use of plastic or derivative packaging (where possible); using recyclable cardboard boxes as an alternative for the packaging of our products.


ISSALINE is committed to using this packaging system, which is more environmentally sustainable than plastic as it is boxes made of recyclable cardboard.
A packaging system, which not only helps us to generate a lower environmental impact, but also facilitates the display of the product at the point of sale along with its better image. Furthermore, its resistant structure prevents damage to garments or products during handling or transport and consequently provides added value to the product.



We have optimized our management system for receiving and sending goods, so that we can reuse practically all the packaging used for the transport of goods.
That is the reuse of the container boxes that we receive in our warehouses to contribute as much as possible to minimize the waste of raw materials.

That’s why the future of our packaging will be increasingly eco-sustainable.