Maintains all the essential technical features of its“bigsister” product, AKROBAT PLUS, and meets all regulations; only a few accessories are removed. It would therefore be a mistake toconsider it a budget product line; it should be understood as an “essential” range suitable for those who will use it infrequently, or who are happy to give up the extra level ofcomfort (but notsafety) in return for acostsaving.
All Akrobat harnesses are certified up to 100 kg insofar asthe EN361 standard only offersthis level of verification, but in reality they are all subjected to testing upto 136 kg.

Recommended for professionals who require a full range of accessories for increased comfort in addition to the essential safety features.
NB: harnesses packaged individually in boxes or blister packs for in-store display purposes.

Similar to the AKROBAT PLUS line, but with high tenacity stretch fabric straps. Another step forward in AKROBAT’s technical evolution, in line with requests from our most demanding users, who keep up with the latest developments. The end result is to improve comfort without noticeably increasing the cost of the product. The harness’ main features are indicated in the illustrated details.
NB: harnesses packaged individually in boxes for in-store display purposes